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Why branding still matters

Published by : PDM on 01 April 2017

In a tech-driven world, why doe’s branding still matter?

Typically, a brand is comprised of its most recognisable attributes: its name, its logo, its products and services, and the intangible qualities that spring to mind whenever someone thinks about it.

A brand can live for decades and can thrive in tough economic times and periods of rapid technological change. This is because a brand has already built years and years of a trustworthiness, quality and customer loyalty. Hence, branding matters and has become a critical priority for many corporations around the globe, to the point where they hire brand managers to oversee brand efforts.

Thanks to the Internet, every entrepreneur can now have a business website and build a global customer base across the web, what’s more, is that branding plays a vital role in this. Possessing a custom brand and web design (from website to social media pages to web apps and mobile apps or other) provides a level of consistency and an easily identifiable and traceable brand that people will notice, make associations with, and can connect too. This works the same for traditional, or offline branding concepts such as shop signage, print publications, billboard advertising, exhibition stands etc. Hiring a brand expert can help a business establish a brand for print advertising, product advertising, display advertising and digital marketing, depending on the direction they want to take the business.

Essentially, branding matters because like business and technology, it is an evolving process. Branding requires much thought, research, planning and creativity to every aspect of a brands marketing and advertising concepts. As a good example of this, search images and information on the ‘brand evolution of Coca-Cola’.

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