Our social media marketing works for you around the clock

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Today social media marketing (SMM) is an integral part of improving the online presence and web performance for a business.

Here at Purple Dove Media, we see the value social media marketing has, and not only for our clients, but for us as a business, which is why you’ll find us regularly blogging and posting content on our social media feeds.

If your business is looking to sustain long-term results in your digital marketing efforts, you’ll require managed social media marketing that works for you around the clock. Here’s how our social media marketing services for business can help you achieve this:

Social Media Analysis

We assess the core strengths and limitations of your current social media presence to establish what has been working for you, what has not been working for you and what areas can be improved on. We may recommend other social media channels that will work for your business under our social media management or direction.

SMM Strategy

Developing a social media marketing strategy (an editorial plan) will be your custom blueprint of your social media objectives, buyers’ personas, and value propositions. This is updated on a regular basis with new and innovative content and ideas.

SMM Competitive Analysis

Social Media Marketing for business is a competitive market. It is always better to understand the businesses you are competing with to help shape your social media marketing strategy into a winning one. Our SMM competitive analysis helps us gather, analyse, and interpret different data points to set up a clear picture of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own products and services.

SMM Content

A content strategy and social media marketing strategy are two separate strategies, however combining the two can create a tasteful marketing mix for your audience to enjoy and boast about. Creating content for your social media marketing to align with your overall business objectives will produce faster results and eminence.

Social Media Website Integration

Leverage the power of social media by integrating it seamlessly within your website and almost every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. Here at Purple Dove Media we take a directive-lead in helping you do just this.

Link Building

Link building through social media allows us to build and earn links (internal and external) to social media networks, which in turn will help improve search rankings. Through our managed social media marketing services, we ensure ethical link building, whereby the links we create are generating a positive online buzz and social proof.

Social Media Consultancy

Your social media for business is essentially the eyes, ears, and voice of your brand online. Our social media consultancy can help monitor your social media and advise you correctly in an effort to win at social media marketing for your business.

Price Guide

1-2 Social Media Pages

SMM plan suitable for the creation and/or management of 1-2 social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Price from

£99 p/m

3-4 Social Media Pages

SMM plan suitable for the creation and/or management of 3-4 social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

Price from

£149 p/m

5+ Social Media Pages

SMM plan suitable for the creation and/or management of 5 or more social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Price from

249 p/m

Combination plan

If you are looking for more than Social Media Marketing? Combine with other services and we will discount the overall cost.

Discount from

5% - 20%