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Nowadays, people put the Internet at the forefront of their daily lives. People are always searching for something, some examples: to find a location, ask for directions, search for a recipe, look to buy something, or communicate with a business. Whatever it may be, most people are using the internet to find solutions. If your business wants to reach people online, having a website is simply not enough. The key is to invest in a form of digital marketing that will benefit your business to achieve its online objectives.
There is no straight-forward answer to this question. Gaining a high keyword ranking in Google depends on how your website and digital marketing efforts comply with the many SEO factors and best practices. These include, but are not limited to, website optimisation, social media, content, and mobile.
SEO will work for you as long as you allow it to. Due to the ever-changing digital landscape, SEO is a long-term investment, using it as the ideal opportunity to grow your business and stay on top of your competition in the search engines natural listings.
PPC advertising is great for instant results, that works well for the short-term. SEO takes longer to achieve, but a beneficial investment for the long-term. Which is better, SEO or PPC depends on your needs. If you want both, this can be achieved through SEM.
White Hat describes good and safe practices as recommended by the search engines, whereas Black Hat describes bad and unsafe SEO practices, not recommended. We are happy to go into this in more detail with you, suffice to say Purple Dove Media only ever uses White Hat SEO.
A blog is good to have so that your website or web page is regularly updated with fresh or new content. This will help keep your customers engaged and attract new visitors.
Local SEO is a marketing practice that targets a specific geographical location, ideal for a brick and mortar company.
Social media is essential to making online connections with your customers and raising your brand awareness. These essentials can, in fact, encourage consumers to promote you themselves through content sharing, comments, appraisals, and much more.
Social media channels are many, some will be beneficial to your business, others may not. What social channels you should use for your business depends on what channels your type of audience uses and what social channels fit with your business needs and objectives.
Producing and marketing relevant high-quality content is a great way to provide value to your customers and increase both brand loyalty and customer loyalty. A content marketing strategy can help you achieve this.
Content marketing and social media marketing are not the same, however, both strategies are often integrated to achieve optimal results.