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SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO Marketing is the process of earning traffic to a web page from the free, or organic search results on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our SEO Marketing services include:

Technical website audit

We fully analyse your website to assess your current organic SEO by conducting a technical website audit. We’ll check for links, keywords, content, load speed and much more. We will deliver a report to you with all the areas that need to be improved and that will be targeted in your organic SEO marketing campaign.

SEO strategy

An organic SEO strategy is essential to establishing your online goals and objectives, with a set plan or approach it will take to accomplish them. There is no one ‘size fits all’ measure when it comes to individual needs for organic search engine optimisation, so we custom create an organic SEO strategy, unique to your business needs.

Keyword research

SEO keywords are target words and phrases essential to website content. Selecting keywords is one of the most important tasks in an organic SEO marketing campaign, hence it is crucial that keyword research is conducted. Keyword research involves analysing keyword trends your target market is using in Google or other search engines to search for products and services like yours. Conducting keyword research also helps us to look at missed keyword opportunities that you could be using to appear in the organic search listings.

Link Building

Link building is a method to acquire links to and from a web page. Search engines count links as votes; thus, links help signal to search engines the popularity of a web page. Search engines, Google in particular, determine ranking value of a web page via link authority and link trustworthiness along with other SEO factors. Based on this we perform ethical link building measures to build relevant and good quality links to and from your website. At first, we will conduct a technical website audit, followed by a link strategy.

Onsite and Off-page SEO

We optimise both the content and HTML source code of a web page to make it possible for both search engines and site visitors to use, and in the SEO-and-user friendliest way possible. This involves telling them what the page is about and help them decide whether the web page addresses the user search query.

SEO Consultancy

If you have an SEO marketing campaign with us, SEO consultancy is a given throughout the duration. We will not only provide professional, friendly advice, but we will keep you informed about new SEO trends, news, and updates if you want us to. Our SEO consultants will always want to provide you with honest advice and provide you with a transparent representation of our brand culture and work ethic.

SEO competitive analysis

An initial competitive analysis is a typical SEO process to correctly identify who your competitors are in organic search listings. An effective SEO competitive analysis will give us the intel we need to help you rise above your competition in the search engines index.

Price Guide

Single page website

SEO marketing plan suitable for single page websites and one-page scrolling websites.

Price from

£99 p/m

Small informational website

SEO marketing plan suitable if you have a small informational website between 1 and 10 pages.

Price from

£199 p/m

Medium to large informational website

SEO marketing suitable if you have a medium to large informational website of 10+ pages.

Price from

£299 p/m

Small eCommerce website

SEO marketing plan suitable if you have a small eCommerce website or online shop of 1-10 products.

Price from

£399 p/m

Medium to large eCommerce website

SEO marketing suitable if you have a medium to large eCommerce website of 10+ products.

Price from

£499 p/m

Combination plan

Need more than SEO marketing? Combine with other services and we will discount the overall cost.

Discount from