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About Purple Dove Media

Purple Dove Media was founded in 2012 by Eva Tokkallos, a certified digital marketing professional that has an in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience in how to effectively strategize and implement powerful SEO and digital marketing campaigns that convert.

Being a millennial, also know as Gerneration Y or the Net generation; Eva Tokkallos recognises that digital marketing, also known as inbound marketing, is a crucial asset across industries to achieve success.

Supported by a small, dedicated inhouse team of digital marketing professionals and web creatives, Purple Dove Media work with a diverse range of client, across a wide range of products and services. To date, Purple Dove Media have achieved success on understanding our client's objectives and delivering strategic planning, optimisation and custom content that meet the best standards.

Our Mission

Purple Dove Media's mission is to take your business to new heights whilst remaining current and forward thinking for the future. We thrive on building long lasting, trusting B2B relationships and producing results that make a difference.
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