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The best times to rethink, revise, and rebrand?

Published by : PDM on 01 June 2018

Rebranding an entire company or a specific product is a common business passage for many businesses to align with their overall business goals. Below we list the best times for a business to rethink, revise, and rebrand its marketing strategy.

Before a new product or website launch

Launching a new, desirable website or product can give your business a new direction or face the market in a manner of strategic value.

When you want to stand up for your business and turn things around

If a business has hit rock bottom, a rebrand can help re-establish the business and open new opportunities to form new alliances.

When its time to show off to your competitors

Rebranding an established product can attract new and loyal customers in ways you may not have thought possible.

When you have a change in management

A new manager can bring a new lease of life to the company. New challenges, new products and a completely new renovated brand strategy can drive the brand forward.

When you have a product or service refresh

A product or service refresh allows you to get away with a rebrand and jump-start a re-launch for success a second, third, fourth or fifth time around.

When you merge with another company

A merger between two companies means both parties can find mutual benefit. Rethinking, revising and rebranding are essential to a partnership that wants to be acknowledged as one brand/company.

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