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Top 7 types of high performing digital content.

Published by : PDM on 04 October 2021

We live in a modern time where most of our working efforts and communications are carried out over the world wide web via computers and smart devices. The internet is rapidly taking over traditional forms of content marketing and advertising forms. However, one tradition that has remained and evolved over this time is our ability to ‘communicate’ and how we do it. Most engagements we make are either between friends and family or between users and brands. 

If you are trying to grow your brand online and though, you will be all about your brand, your potential audience may not. Thus, a content marketing strategy is therefore one of the best ways of planning how to appeal to your target audience and how to captivate their attention. There are many different types of content that can be used to serve different purposes as well as be custom created, personalised, curated and repurposed. Here are our top 7 types of high performing digital content that you may want to or should consider:

1. Blog content

Both business blogging and personal blogging have become widespread. A well-written, informative or educational blog can benefit the end user as well as the brand, person or business, It’s a win, win. 

2. FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are a great way to answer your customers/prospects the most common and anticipated questions. This is often a great way to provide instant value to their purchase or informed decisions and overall improves their customer experience with your brand.  

3. Social media content 

A brand can’t afford to miss out on high-performing content opportunities on their owned social media pages. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others have thousands or millions of subscribers. Therefore, regular content (quality over quantity) should be consistent and active. Social media success can be a slow process but it is still progress and it helps your brand connect and communicate with customers and prospects. 

4. Video content 

Video content marketing has become incredibly popular and on-demand since the launch of YouTube, followed by TikTok. Video content is appealing to customers and prospects because it is a fast, convenient and effective way of receiving personal messages or information that provides educational, informative or entertaining value. A video transcript is also great for producing more content in which, if in the future the video becomes outdated, both forms of content can still be edited and repurposed. 

5. Email marketing content

If a brand or business has a lot of genuine subscribers and the quality and consistency of the email marketing campaigns is good, then their content is likely to be high performing every time.  If you don’t have a high subscriber rate, you can always start small and build it up as you grow in other areas. 

6. Podcasts 

A podcast operates like an on-demand internet radio station and has become hugely popular with big brand names and influencers. Podcasts appeal to most listeners because they are access the audio content through the internet and it is often free to subscribe and be notified of new content each time. Anyone can start a podcast, you just need hosting, a mic and a confident, clear voice to deliver great scripts to engage and build your audience. 

7. Infographics, PDFs and interactive flipbooks

Infographic content can be very effective in content marketing efforts because they tend to engage users with visually rich content, which, at the same time provides valuable information. Downloadable PDFs and interactive flipbooks can also achieve this. All three tend to help generate higher click through rates (CTR) and increased engagement with content.  

Overall, all types of content marketing efforts - those included above and others - will help build relationships, spread brand awareness, drive traffic to a website, help convert traffic into leads, drive long-term results, help with generating social shares and backlinks, and can be curated and repurposed time and time again.  Digital marketing is a constant process with content always evolving. A good mix of high quality and well-planned content strategy will develop your online authenticity, credibility and authority in your industry/sector. If you would like a custom-content marketing strategy, please get in touch with Purple Dove Media, we’d be happy to help.