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Top 10 social media channels for business

Published by : PDM on 01 January 2018

There are many different social media channels that capture the interest of many people for different reasons. Significantly, social media channels have become ultimate power tools for businesses to reach more customers. See below the top 10 social media channels for business.

Facebook for Business
Facebook is the largest social platform. Originally it was used for peers and classmates to interact but it has become much more than that. Specifically, Facebook for business helps businesses connect and build relationships with consumers. It allows for the design of applications and the creation of business pages to market products among other benefits.

Twitter for Business
Twitter is a social network allows users to communicate at an instant on a public network. It enables users to create, send and read short posts called ‘tweets.’ Twitter for business can do wonders for a company communicating a message to its market audience due to Twitter's fast-paced nature, content discoverability, and real-time dimension.

LinkedIn for Business
LinkedIn was designed with b2b professionals in mind. Companies can use this site for advertising, blogging, job recruiting and project collaboration. Because of this, LinkedIn ranks high in popularity for business.

Pinterest for Business
Pinterest is a valuable search engine for people who want to gather ideas, inspiration and tutorials. Brands and businesses have the ability to create and share content related to their products and services that will be relevant to their needs or ‘pins’.

YouTube for Business
YouTube is a premium video search engine. Brands and businesses have the ability to share all their video content in one central place from promotional videos, how-to tutorials, interviews, press features and much more.

Instagram for Business
Instagram is a very convenient visual networking app for smartphone users. It allows a business to connect easily with other Instagram accounts and share moments and communicate brand messages to people who have shown an interest in the business.

Quora for Business
Quora is a question and answer search site that has gained huge popularity since it launched in 2009. More and more brands and businesses are already acquiring customers organically through their answers on Quora.

Tumblr for Business
This social networking site allows short-form blogging type content and multimedia with the option to set private or public, post, follow and re-blog other users. Tumblr’s tools can be utilized to showcase a brand or business to a worldwide audience and create a social buzz.

SnapChat for Business
SnapChat is an image/video application that has quickly grown in popularity with brands and businesses that appeal to a younger audience market. SnapChat for business is great for featured stories, demo products and promo codes.

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp messenger is an instant messaging Android application that was built for small business owners in mind. The app allows businesses to quickly respond to messages and effectively interact with customers.