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SEO and Social Media

SEO and social media, a match made in a tech-haven

Published by : PDM on 07 February 2019

As Valentine’s day approaches, we decided to blog about a special relationship we see between SEO and social media. Call us ‘cheesy’ we don’t mind, our aim is to make you aware (Particularly, if you’re a start-up or business owner new to the world of digital marketing) of the significant value that SEO and Social Media has on your digital marketing when both strategies are working together in tandem.

It really is love at first sight

SEO and social media are both strong, organic, individual marketing strategies but when they blend together, sparks fly and magic happens. Working together in tandem achieves faster and more effective digital marketing results.

Together they establish strong visibility

Social media allows profile-raising content to increase brand awareness and raise a few eyebrows, encourages more engagements, leads to link building (constructing and growing the family network of your web pages), Indirectly improves SEO rankings and drives competitors absolutely crazy.

Sharing is caring

SEO and Social media’s mutual best friend ‘content marketing’ creates and publishes compelling content but it needs an audience, so content marketing throws a huge web-party to socialise and promote SEO and Social media content. Content shares lead to open rates, comments, questions, discussions, polls, website visits, user-generated content as well as much more.

A match made for the web

In digital marketing, social media is valued as a part of a holistic approach to SEO.  However, too often the relationship between the two is overlooked simply down to other peoples ignorance. Together, they are a match made towards driving challenging marketing campaigns to their success on the world wide web.