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How local search marketing can help a business

Published by : PDM on 01 August 2017

Typically, local search is aimed for users to find a product or service located within a specific geographic area with the intention to make a transaction offline. Bear in mind that for users to find what they are looking for in their specified area, a business that can cater to their needs requires a listing in the local search results, else how will a user know that it exists. This is where local search marketing or local SEO can help a business.

Traditionally, Local search marketing would have been carried out offline in the form of hardcover directories, such as Yellow Pages and Thomson Local. Although traditional methods still exist, it’s not difficult to notice that the World Wide Web has opened up a new world of opportunities. Nowadays, local searches can be made online and most of the population will use this method as opposed to the traditional.

Digitally, Local SEO helps to put a business on a search engines map to ensure that search users looking for specific business services (similar to its own) can be found locally within the local search results. The intention of putting a business on the map is to help search users by providing useful information that will help them to physically locate a local business, make contact, or learn more about a business.

A Local SEO strategy can help a business by putting them on local searches (online) directories such as Yell and Thomson Local and sector-specific local (online) directories. Local search marketing is particularly beneficial to businesses that operate from a physical location (as opposed to just having a website), such as a florist, butcher or hairdresser. Furthermore, local SEO can also help to maintain, improve, update and grow a business’s local search listings through a business’s website, social media and other multi-web channels in a consistent and seamless manner.