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Crunching data to make media

Published by : PDM on 01 October 2018

Data-driven marketing is an innovative approach that is intended to enhance and personalise the customer experience using customer data insights to predict their needs, desires and future behaviours. A data-driven marketing plan is a key to unlocking advertising opportunities and help customers see relevant content from a brand or business.

Data itself is revolutionary as once was the Internet

Unlocking the true potential of smart data helps make better marketing decisions with the aim to deliver a higher ROI. A digital marketer who has the analytical tools and skillset will know how to look for data, how to collect data, segment it, analyse it, and how to use it; Making it possible to create far more effective digital marketing strategies to fulfil overall marketing goals and objectives for a business.

Before the internet takeover, a traditional shop assistant - for instance, would connect with customers at the time by observing consumer behaviour and perhaps, asking and answering questions and perhaps navigating them around the shop for different product options. Traditional marketing decisions would be based on assumption and market studies. Traditional media such as print, radio and TV would have been the norm. Although traditional mediums still exist, they can be very costly and less effective. Traditional media is considered a push strategy, whereby ad content is shown to as many people possible to increase the odds of reaching an interested audience; Whereas digital media attracts customers by providing helpful content to pull them in.

Typically, consumer behaviour has changed since the upsurge of automation and synchronisation. Consumers are multitasking their web experiences and have the flexibility to make comparisons and purchase decisions all at once. Thus, Data-driven marketing helps a marketer gain a deeper understanding of a target audience and identifies and anticipates their consumer behaviour and is able to connect with customers at the precise moment they are searching for a particular service, product or information so that a dynamic connection and fulfilment to customers can be achieved.