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London Piccadilly Circus Lockdown 2020

Businesses on lockdown - Performance appraisal

Published by : PDM on 01 June 2020

Hundreds of millions in COVID crisis borrowing, flights and events cancelled or delayed, agencies run virtual presentations, big brands are trying to stay ‘Influential’ and local storefronts and chains get digital in e-commerce play with more demand than supply. These are just some reality checks on what has been brought on in the last few months of lockdown 2020.

Bouncing back from crisis every business or brand and whether large or small is having to adapt to survive. Below is a brief summary of how some corporate brands and businesses have been affected and the effects the crisis has had on smaller brands and businesses.

Corporate brands and businesses

It does not go unnoticed that the crisis has opened new opportunities, take for example the conferencing app Zoom which has seen a flood of web traffic and sales surge becoming a pandemic lockdown hero for us the people (uniting as one from home to home). Another business surging amid the lockdown -Amazon. McDonald's, on the other hand, has been holding on steady and brands like Coca-Cola being forced away from major events marketing channels such as stadiums and pubs, bars and restaurants, and brands like Estee Lauder Cosmetics and L’Oréal have been sinking through steep declines in retail outlets being forced to close for months. As lockdowns lift, the brands mentioned above, and other brands, although uncertain, should be able to rise-up the growth ladder once again. 

Small brands and Local Businesses

Most small businesses lack cash reserves. The crisis has not only interrupted plans and processes but has caused major disruption for start-ups. Subsequently, with those affected this could lead to a ‘small business depression’. On the contrary, some local businesses have found a window of opportunity to support their local communities and employees despite the lockdown period. From providing fresh local produce, wine testing on video calls, online training, online meetings and much more. As a result, these businesses will adapt and survive, and some will adapt and thrive.

Exploring new ways of working is key. We can all help support small or local business through small gifts, donations and sponsorships, and investment can do a great deal to help. In fact, Google has pledged to support small businesses across the country with its “Open for Business UK” campaign and not long ago eBay launched its “Up & Running” campaign to immediately bring small businesses online. 

Charities and Non-Profits

Volunteers and contributions and essential resources are the lifeblood of many non-profits and charitable organisations. However, since the lockdown measures, all attention has gone to the global crisis and has had a crippling impact on charitable fundraising events and non-profit campaigns. Fundraising events and sponsorships such as marathons, pub quizzes, and sky-dives that have been cancelled due to fears of spreading infections. On the contrary, charitable organisations have never been needed more than now to provide aid, raise awareness on domestic violence, mental health assistance, housing and so much more, and let’s not forget frontline charity responders who have been at risk of infection, fighting to help save lives from the Coronavirus.

Charitable organisations such as the National Emergencies Trust (NET) and others have had to react by launching emergency fundraising appeals through digital channels and indoors; In fact, for the first time, ‘The Big Issue’ magazine is now sold in Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets, and can also be accessed digitally through a new iOS app. Some charitable organisations have taken on online auctions with celebrity endorsements, and others have been more involved than ever in their digital marketing efforts to raise awareness. 

Overall, philanthropists and funders have had to re-coordinate and many community members and groups will also have less money available to donate due to their own financial hardships. Nonetheless, there is a real sense of ‘community spirit and support’ happening in the world right now.