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Benefits of Pinterest for business

Published by : PDM on 01 March 2017

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites by overall active users. Pinterest for business, particularly for retail can be a very powerful internet marketing tool. Here are the top 5 benefits of Pinterest for business:

1. Boards your audience will love!
Engage your audience with picture perfect visual content. Pinterest boasts billions of pinned images and boards. These pinboards range from products, quotes, tutorials, tips and tricks, infographics, places, art, design, recipes and so much more.

2. Highly ‘pinnable’ pins to and from your website!
Pinterest enables rich pins that can be hyperlinked with clickable links to your blog or product. In addition, you can add clickable links to your website’s images to allow social sharing to Pinterest.

3. Highly ‘optimal’ imagery that your business can rank for!
Pinterest is an image-driven social media platform, so if you want your niche audience to find and pin your images in the search engines image search, then you’ll require adding this goal to your traffic building - SEO and digital marketing strategy.

4. Pins have enormous potential to go viral!
Similar to Twitter whereby a tweet can be re-tweeted, Pinterest pins can be re-pinned. This means that if a pin is widely and rapidly circulated from one user to another it has enormous potential to go viral!

5. Track and monitor progress!
Like any social media channel that is active in your digital marketing strategy, you have the ability to track and monitor the progress for followers, user engagement, top content drivers and more. What good is a plan and action if you cannot measure, convert and grow?

Excuse the pun but lets Pin-in!