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Advantages of YouTube for your brand

Published by : PDM on 30 March 2018

Great videos open great marketing opportunities that can work wonders for your brand or business. Typically, videos can often be hosted on a website, on video search platforms and social media channels. Although there are many video platforms that we could mention here, for this article we have specifically chosen to concentrate on the advantages of YouTube being that it’s the #1 video search engine.

The Advantages:

Maximise your brand's search visibility
Google displays YouTube videos in their search results, your brand can take advantage of this by utilising YouTube as part of your digital marketing strategy. Take into consideration that YouTube is owned by Google, hence it will favour its own products over its competitors. 

Your very own branded YouTube Channel
YouTube is widely used among billions of people with different interests thus a great way for your brand to take centre stage. Your very own branded YouTube page can raise your brand's awareness and provide value to viewers who have been in search for videos like yours. More so, to have your very own YouTube channel costs nothing to create, you just need a Google account to set it up.

Stand out from the Competition
Differentiate your Brand from your rivals by creating videos that will say something about your brand. Aside from great content, having YouTube as part of your digital marketing strategy will get people talking and sharing your content.

Make your mark
Anyone can publish a video but remember you are representing your brand, so branding your videos is essential. Storytelling is also a powerful tool to build and strengthen your brand. Furthermore, you have the ability to upload your Video on YouTube and have it linked to a website, a blog, on email, on a presentation slide etc.

Get found effortlessly
Considering that YouTube is huge, it's more than likely that your target market/audiences will use the platform when in search for a video hence the opportunity awaits you. Furthermore, if you want your videos to get noticed by the right people requires optimisation, this will help towards achieving that goal. 

Do it for the people 
People love to watch videos and if of great appeal people will often watch repeatedly, subscribe to your page and furthermore like, comment and share your video content on other web platforms. Favouring other videos can also appeal to your audience as it shows your loyal subscribers what interests your brand or what other videos have any relevance to your brand.