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Advantages of social media for business

Published by : PDM on 01 September 2017

There are many advantages of social media for business, here we describe the ones that stand out the most.

Free exposure
No matter what device and location, social media is at the tip of our fingertips and staring us in the face. Social networking is designed to connect and engage people worldwide, and most social channels are absolutely free to join. Most people, including your customers, will use one or more social media channels. When looking at social media as a digital marketing tool it can be a huge benefit to your loyal customers and target market which means it can be a huge benefit to your business.

Increase brand awareness
The importance of brand awareness is so that people hear from you and know about the types of service and, or products you offer; and even more so, what other people in the community have to say about you. A strong social media presence can be your number one marketing tool to build brand awareness and inspire customer loyalty. Facebook and LinkedIn in particular, can be a reliable source of information about your company and a measure of legitimacy within your sector.

Drive traffic to your website and apps & boost your sites SEO
A positive social media presence is a great way to incite and inspire people to visit your website and download any associated apps. What’s more is that in the long-term, once you have developed a strong social media presence, more and more people will be aware of your brand and engage with your content; As a result of this, you should see that your website rankings will improve as well.

Build Relationships
The beauty of social media is that it is a goldmine for building new and meaningful relationships with consumers and suppliers. Marketing efforts and quick response rates help to build trust and value.

Home in on your audience
Social media doesn’t sleep. It can be accessed 24x7 365 days a year. The majority of your prospective sellers, buyers or clients use at least one or more social networking sites. If you haven’t developed a social media strategy or hired a social media manager, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach wider audiences. Social media marketing can help home in on your target audiences based on the best time to reach them.

Inspire new and repeat business
Positive reviews, a good following, plenty of visits to your pages and engaged users with your content signals a strong social media presence. This inspires new and repeats business.

Receive honest feedback
Whether you’re doing something right or doing something wrong, your customers will let you know about it. Whether feedback is requested or freely given, customers will almost always give you honest feedback.

Modernise your business
Remaining traditional in a modern world has its challenges, and although a business can survive with a traditional approach, a modern approach, however, can bring you up to speed and prepare you for the future of technology and the internet of things.

Increase sales
An integral part of increasing your sales is getting to know your prospective clients or customers and establishing relationships. Social media can help a business accomplish this with the creation of engaging content and proven social media advertising.

Maximise your ROI
Your Return on Investment (ROI) is a clear goal for your business. ROI is based on a variety of factors, and effective social media marketing is one of these factors. Social media measurement and metric tools allow us to identify and grow your audience to increase revenue. We are able to analyse and convert data into action, review trends, obtain key insights, and make informed decisions that can help maximise your ROI.

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