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Whilst your brain loves visual content so does SEO

Published by : PDM on 20 February 2019

When the string of words “visual image content” comes to mind, it’s natural to think of the words or visualise different types of content that can relate i.e. posters, banners, infographics, graphical signs, books, commercials, memes, GIFs, and presentations.  

Visual content can have a powerful impact on an audience. Take a moment to think about or visualise a visual image that has made an impact on you recently or throughout your years (a visual image you can’t forget/stored in your memory bank). For example, a computer game cover, book cover, movie poster or theatre production. Now think why did it make an impact on you? Was it the colours, the image itself, the font, the message, the story behind it, or something else? The point is visual content has the power to impact us in one way or another. 

Whilst your brain loves visual content, so does SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a methodology of strategies and technical skillset used to increase the number of visitors to a website through the natural search results pages of a search engine. However, the search engines primary care is about what the user wants and needs. The search engine will only return your web page if it's relevant and satisfies other search engine algorithmic factors. 

Whether it be a personal or business goal to provide a product, service or a source of information or entertainment to your audience, you can achieve this through visual content. For instance, say that you created a step by step infographic or video to show someone “How to make a red velvet cake” when someone goes to search this query by image or search by video, wouldn’t it be great if your piece of visual content shows up!?

A benefit of SEO is the ability to optimise the visual content for the search engines, enabling your content to get in front of the right people. This way you have the potential of more people linking to, engaging and sharing the content. The more popular that the content becomes, the more potential it has to rank a better position in the search engine results pages. 


How visual image content can help your SEO [Infographic]